June 27, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Teacher Panel

In this Voices Podcast, we are joined by Irene Stinson, 5th grade teacher at Woodland Heights Elementary School in Laconia, Nicole Woulfe, a 6th grade teacher at Sanborn Regional Middle School, Graeme Crowther, Math teacher at Concord High School and Ashley Harbel, English teacher and team leader for the Freshman Learning Community at Sanborn Regional High School.

The teachers discuss the significant learning that they experienced over the course of the pandemic, including the absolute necessity of relationships in learning, and how those are foundational to learning in both an online and in-person environment. They provide insight on the increased recognition of the need for self-direction, communication and collaboration, and the role of the work study practices in any learning environment.

The teachers reflect on how much they learned about themselves as teachers, and how they will take this learning into the future. This includes insights on taking the workshop model to the next level, the role of work study practices, recognizing the unique situations of students at home, and how this impacts their lives, and the recognition of “less is more”.

It is imperative to learn from the situations we are put into, and all four of these professionals articulate their takeaways, both through the lens of being back in a remote environment, or what would change going back to in-person, and these four teachers, covering the spectrum of elementary, middle school, and high school, clearly identify those critical learning experiences they have and how this will affect their teaching moving forward.

Motivis Learning and NHLI · Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Teacher Panel