April 15, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Sue Burns

In this Voices From the Field podcast, we are joined by Sue Burns, special education teacher, case manager, and learning disabilities specialist at the DJ Bakie Elementary School in Kingston, NH. Sue shares how they focused on meeting the basic needs of students first, then began to focus on learning. Ms. Burns also shares how she is communicating often with students and families to better determine how they can support each student. 

Sue shares the dichotomy of how there was previously a very cut and dry “line” separating home and school, especially for some of her students with attention difficulties, where home was a place they could just “break free” and now those lines are crossed, which is something everyone is getting used to.

Ms. Burns shares how her 4th grade team is working hard to ensure that every assignment is accessible to all learners, and that all teachers are working to support student agency, while simultaneously allowing for opportunities for students to have face-time and check-ins, keeping the SEL components front and center.

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