April 22, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Sarah Mahoney and Keely Gott

This Voices from the Field Podcast highlights two educators from the Epping School District. Sarah Mahoney is the special education coordinator for Epping Middle School and Epping High School and Keely Gott, special education teacher at Epping High School. 

Sarah discusses the high level of communication and collaboration needed among educators and families to adequately support the unique needs of learners, and Keely shares how things have evolved over the course of the past four weeks, including how she has embedded one-on-one support time for students she supports. 

Keely shares how she has found a way to continue to meet with their Unified Club (intellectually disabled students with typical peers) to connect and see each other.

Sarah discusses the difficulty of the unknown in this current environment, and how it is difficult to plan for summer, and what that will look like for those students who are eligible for extended school year. Keely discusses how supported she’s felt by her school during this time, and how the team has worked together through all of the difficulties.

Sarah and Keely discuss their concerns for the social and emotional health of students should the shutdown continue, recognizing the importance of seeing someone’s face and how to keep these opportunities readily available, and how these connections with families and students have evolved under unusual circumstances.



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