April 3, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Sarah Kiley

In this content-filled podcast, Sarah Kiley shares how she is approaching the multiple art classes she teaches at Epping High School. Epping is one of the first districts to roll out distance learning in NH, beginning the day after Governor Sununu made his first announcement.

The Epping teachers applied what they learned in that difficult first week and Sarah shares how their work has evolved. Ms. Kiley also discusses the struggle of teaching art online for her students not knowing what materials they may have at home.

Sarah also explains how, as a teacher who has embedded the work-study practices of self-direction, communication, creative thinking, and collaboration, with meaningful opportunities for metacognition, she has kept this critical work going within her online environment, and students have responded very positively.

Sarah ends by addressing the balancing act of teaching from home while being a mom to her almost 2-year-old daughter.