June 27, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Principal Panel

In this Voices Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Aimee Frechette, Principal at Pine Tree Elementary School, Erin Milbury, Principal at Seabrook Middle School, and Brian Stack, Principal at Sanborn Regional High School. 

These three principals share their learning over the past three months, and how these experiences have impacted their decision-making and what they’re looking toward in the future.

Flexibility is key, and this podcast reflects the ability (and importance) of being flexible, and recognizing, in a new and uncharted reality, how staying on top of the ever-changing situation and being willing to make changes is critically important.

Dr. Frechette explains the changes made at her school specific to the shift away from parents bearing the burden as much as possible due to the strain put on families. Erin discusses how they had to, as a school, recognize the struggle that their students and families were under and how they had to revisit their approach to continue to support their community. 

Brian discusses how through this process of reflection, they began to see a significant amount of course failures, and how they had to actually add in another grading indicator (In Progress) to allow students to “pause” on their grade and that those students will have an opportunity to continue with this work over the summer and into next year.

All three principals discuss the role of SEL and the focus on this as they move forward.

Learning from experience is also critical, and Aimee, Erin, and Brian provide clear reflections on how this experience has impacted and will impact learning moving forward.

Motivis Learning and NHLI · Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Principal Panel