April 8, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Karen Thompson and Jodie Holmquist

In this Voices from the Field Podcast, we had the opportunity to speak with Karen Thompson, Director of Personalized Learning in Hinsdale School District and Jodie Holmquist, a teacher in the business department at Hinsdale High School. Karen oversees, and Jodie is a teacher, in the Extended Learning Opportunity program.

Ms. Thompson and Ms. Holmquist share the importance of the relationships that have been built with business partners and students, and how Hinsdale is thinking about continuing to make Extended Learning Opportunities work in a remote environment, including how their exhibitions will occur online.

Karen and Jodie share the story of the “caravan” of cars that paraded around their community that recently happened to let the students know they were thinking of them. Jodie also discusses how she has supported other adult learners in this transition, helping others gain knowledge in various tools to support online learning.