April 18, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Kaileigh Brown

During this very special Voices From the Field Podcast, we are joined by student Kaileigh Brown, a senior at Sanborn Regional High School. Kaileigh shares how there are a number of unknowns right now around things like class trips, the prom, sports seasons, and graduation, and the disappointment of knowing the potential of her last day in her school could be March. 

Kaileigh recognizes some of the aspects she has appreciated with online learning, citing better sleep habits and a slowdown from the rush of what her life was like, but also discusses the difficulties related to distance learning, from the difficulty not seeing problems worked out on a board to a lack of social connections, and how she is dealing with that by keeping in touch with her closest friends through social media and Facetime calls. 

Ms. Brown shares her plans for the future, and her anticipated start at UNH in the fall. Kaileigh, who was supposed to have an internship this spring in print journalism that was canceled due to this crisis, hopes to write for a newspaper or magazine someday, but is finding ways to fulfill her interest in this area. Kaileigh shares what she is especially missing, especially her friends, but even other things like work and how she hopes that a silver lining in all of this is that people will be more appreciative of the things we have and that we can all move forward and be happier people. 

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