May 18, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Gary Chapin

In this Voices from the Field podcast, we are joined by Gary Chapin, Senior Associate with the Center for Collaborative Education in Boston. 

Gary, in this thoughtful, reflective, podcast shares his thoughts on assessment in this environment, noting the disconnect between our long-standing ideas of assessment and what this current environment currently calls for. 

Gary points out that we need to be thinking differently, not just reverting back to asking how we can do it the way we’ve always done it.

Gary points out the importance of revisiting the question of assessment, and asking ourselves, “Why do we assess?”, citing Marzano’s answer of “We assess to figure out what to do next”.

Gary gets into the space of relationships (and of his own recent wedding 2 days prior to the quarantine!) and our intuitive understanding of its importance, asking the question, “What do we gain by being in the physical presence of someone else?” and noting that we have to do everything we can in this environment to make our relationships as rich as possible.

Gary shares a poignant story about church and how by having virtual services, 15-20 more parishioners have come back, as they were not able to attend in person because they could not drive. 

We discuss the impact of what we are learning in this environment on schooling and note the absolute necessity of our educators and society to ensure we revisit what schooling looks like in the future, apply what we’ve learned, and ensure we don’t just “go back to the way we did it before.”

Gary wraps up our podcast by discussing that we must not equate school with education, and then delves into sharing insight into “cumulative validity” and how the more time we spend with someone the more we know about them.

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