May 18, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Gail Bourn

In this Voices episode, we are joined by Gail Bourn, academic coordinator for teaching and learning for the three elementary schools in the Laconia School District. 

Gail also works at the secondary level supporting all five schools during summer institutes.

Gail shares how their approach has evolved over the past two months, with the beginning focused on providing for basic student (and teacher) needs, and how that has evolved, with the eventual addition of a flex day, that allowed for significant collaboration to focus on instruction.

Ms. Bourn discusses how the work study practices, and the work they did previously in this realm, have been instrumental in providing a framework and foundation for students and teachers alike, and that they are using the WSP for the basis of reporting and providing feedback for learning during distance learning.

Gail discusses the trouble-spots they are keeping a close eye on as they wonder about sustainability and keeping their momentum going.

Gail ends by reiterating that we need to try to not look at this as a deficit model, and the importance of considering what children are bringing to the table, and what they ARE learning.

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