April 21, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Collette Elzey

In this Voices From the Field podcast, we are joined by Collette Elzey, second grade teacher at Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls. Ms. Elzey shares the growth and evolution with the complexity of the work for both her students and herself in the short amount of time they’ve been engaged in distance learning. 

Ms. Elzey shares how she has started with the social/emotional needs, modeling that as a focal point for her students and families, but also within her own family. Collette has shared how she has gone about trying to meet the varying needs of the students in her primary classroom through a variety of ways, including individual weekly conferences with each student and their parents. 

Ms. Elzey is able to then adjust instruction based upon this timely feedback from students and parents. Collette shares how, through this experience, the problem-solving and creative learning that has happened has made a significant difference.

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