April 7, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Brian Stack Revisited

If you missed our first conversion with Brian, you can listen to that here.

In this follow-up podcast, we are again joined by Brian Stack, principal of Sanborn Regional High School. Brian shares how they utilized feedback from teachers, students, and parents and made changes in their delivery and schedule based upon this feedback.

Brian elaborates on their approach to best supporting students identified with special needs, and how they initially focused on starting with routines for students and are now working on engaging them in meaningful learning opportunities designed to meet unique needs.

Mr. Stack shares insights on students’ increased metacognition and self-direction in a distance model, and how teachers have recognized the opportunity to support students’ in further developing these critical lifelong skills.

Finally, Brian shares their school’s approach to grading and reporting, explaining how they, as a competency-based system, will continue to collect evidence of learning from their students (although this collection may look different), and not make any changes at this time related to grading and reporting given their extensive history of calibrating, assessment, and grading and reporting in a CBL system.