March 24, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Bill Lupini

In this can’t miss podcast, we are joined by Dr. Bill Lupini, Superintendent of Schools for SAU21, serving the towns of Hampton, North Hampton, Seabrook, Hampton Falls, and South Hampton. Dr. Lupini shares his SAU’s move to distance learning, and shares insight on the key leadership decision-making points over the past two weeks. This honest, transparent look behind the scenes allows us a small glimpse into the myriad factors that have contributed to this SAU which is comprised of multiple districts to respond quickly and effectively to the COVID-19 crisis, focusing on quality learning experiences, providing social-emotional support, and providing basic needs like food and connectivity to families in their homes. Bill also shares insights on this situations impact on considerations like grading, SATs, spring sports, and the potential long-term implications of what we learn through these experiences that will help to enhance educational experiences. Dr. Lupini also shares how having great people in various roles through the system has allowed SAU21 to respond the way they have, and on a larger scale, how important public school teachers and administrators, support staff are to communities and the lives of kids and families.