April 16, 2020

Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els: Andy Calkins

In this incredibly poignant Voices in the Field Podcast, we are joined by Andy Calkins, Director of Next Generation Learning Challenges. Andy thoughtfully explores how we can be most human at this very difficult time, and how Next Gen educators are thinking beyond the walls of what has been the norm, given the equity and access challenges many teachers, students, and families in this network, and across the nation are experiencing. 

Mr. Calkins explores how we might focus on connections, and making sure that each child has opportunities for a conversation with an adult who cares for them. Andy also explores what some of the impacts may be regarding what we’ve learned from the pandemic that pushes up against a traditional system of schooling. 

Mr. Calkins explores the concept of deep, long-lasting change, and how intrinsic motivation, and how people are inspired to act through collective purpose, will inspire change to occur in meaningful ways. Andy also suggests we collectively take the time to “step back” and listen to each other, experiment and explore, and make meaning. This will allow us to see what we’ve learned, and apply that learning moving forward.

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