Story Time from Space

A project of the Global Space Education Foundation, Story Time from Space provides videos of astronauts from the International Space Station reading a variety of children’s books, as well as conducting educational demonstrations.

60+ Awesome Websites for Teaching and Learning Math

Explore this list of resources (free and paid) for teaching math virtually, from resources for teachers and comprehensive math programs, to interactive instruction tools and student games and activities. Source:

Educational Games: KenKen

KenKen was born in a math classroom—and we want it to stay there! That’s why we introduced our KenKen Classroom Program for teachers. Every week, we’ll email you a set of free KenKen puzzles that is perfect for student use!

Family Activities

This list provides activities for the whole family–from crafts and games to creative ways of using Legos. Source:

Discovery K12

Discovery K12, Inc. was founded and developed by Sheri Wells, a 25 year tech veteran, entrepreneur, and homeschool mom.

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy Certified Schools is an innovative teacher training program for K-12 schools to empower every educator to integrate technology education into their classrooms enhancing existing curricula; ensuring students are future-ready and making the most of existing technology.

Defined Learning: Remote & ELearning Projects

To prepare students for the future, they need to be engaged with lessons that are RELEVANT, encourage CRITICAL THINKING and COLLABORATION, and provide an AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT of their understanding.

Remote Learning at Bedford High School

This document shares some ideas and resources to help in the event that learning must happen in a blended and/or virtual learning environment.