High School

High School

Arts Edge

A useful and engaging resource for integrating the arts into a variety of other subject areas.

Free Rice

Originially started to help students practice for the SAT, Free Rice Trivia donates rice through students playing trivia.


The purpose of education is to help every child flourish, no matter what happens in life. In a fast-changing world, education must adapt to keep up. The world is full of inspiring innovations, but they can struggle to spread beyond their immediate environments. That’s why HundrED seeks and shares impactful and scalable K12 innovations with the world, for free.


Zoom is temporarily lifting the 40-minute time limit on free Basic accounts for schools affected by the Coronavirus.


Homeschool Worksheets We have over 300,000+ FREE worksheets for toddler, preschool, and K12. Our free educational printables cover alphabet letters, math, language arts, history, geography, and more. I have organized this page to make sure parents and teachers can easily find what they are looking for.All the free homeschool worksheets on this site can be accessed by subject or…

AACT America Association of Chemistry Teachers

AACT has unlocked its resources to teachers teaching remotely. This site has activities for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Visit Teach Chemistry for a full list of resources.