Discovery K12

Discovery K12, Inc. was founded and developed by Sheri Wells, a 25 year tech veteran, entrepreneur, and homeschool mom.

NH NEA Guidance & Support

NH LEARNING INITIATIVE COMMUNITY RESOURCE FOR EDUCATORS: NH NEA GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT A thoughtful list of many helpful resources as you consider online learning.

At-home Activities for Elementary Students

On this blog site, explore at-home activity ideas for elementary-school students. Source:

The Physics Classroom – Virtual Physics Labs

This site provides activities and labs that students can explore at home with guidance from an instructor. Source:

Common Sense Education EdTech Tools

This robust library of more than 3,500 tools encompasses all P-12 grade levels and a variety of subject areas.

Free Tools for Schools Dealing with Corona

This Google Doc compiles companies that have announced enhanced or free services to schools as they deal with COVID-19-related closures. Source:

Making Science Labs Available to Online Students

This article explores several ways to include lab activity in online science courses. Source:

3P LEARNING: Distance teaching software for teachers

3P Learning offers a suite of learning resources is designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy, science

At-home Activities for Kindergarten students

On this blog site, explore at-home activity ideas and downloadable materials for kindergarten students. Source: