Author: Emily Dustin

Student Driven: Passion/Interest Pursuits

Learners are schools greatest resource. Here’s how to support student-centered passion and learning.

A Picture of What They Really Know: Reflections on Grading in a Time of Remote Learning

By Mariane Gfroerer, New Hampshire Learning Initiative Grading is complex. It is an important form of feedback loop between teachers and students and depending on the grading practices of the instructor can convey how well the student is mastering the objectives of the learning (mastery-based grading) or the student’s performance relative to other students in…

“I’m Worried” – Young Children’s Experience with Social Distancing

“I’m Worried” – Young Children’s Experience with Social Distancing Mariane Gfroerer – New Hampshire Learning Initiative Tara Spencer, a certified school psychologist since 2003 for three elementary schools and the preschool in Concord, NH, has thought a lot about what these weeks of social distancing and remote learning are like for the young population she…