Author: Carolyn Eastman

A Student Perspective on Using Zoom or Google For Class Connection

Over the past few weeks schools have been deciding whether to use Zoom or Google for virtually connecting with students. I have heard many reasons why schools have chosen one platform over another, but here I offer you a student perspective.

Voices from the Field with Carolyn Eastman: An Interview with Aaron Blais, Exeter High School

Aaron Blais is a high school teacher at Exter High School, Exeter, NH. He teaches 4 different classes. He teaches Freshmen World History, Sophomore AP US History, US History through Film ( JR/SR), Law and Society ( JR/SR). Aaron shares how he approaching these courses from a remote learning lens.

Introduction to Zoom

This webinar is a very basic introduction to using Zoom as a virtual Classroom. You will learn how to sign up for the free Zoom account, schedule a meeting, send an invitation, share your screen, use chat, and protocols for a good Zoom Virtual meeting.