April 10, 2020

A Student Perspective on Using Zoom or Google For Class Connection

By Carolyn Eastman 

Over the past few weeks schools have been deciding whether to use Zoom or Google for virtually connecting with students. I have heard many reasons why schools have chosen one platform over another, but here I offer you a student perspective. 

I asked my daughter Ellie, a high school junior, whether she preferred Zoom or Google for connecting with her teachers during remote learning and this is what she had to say: 

M: Has your school chosen one platform for connecting with you at home? 

E: No, we use Zoom the most, but a few use Google Hangout.

M:  Is there one that you prefer? 

E: I like Zoom.  

M: Why? 

E: A couple of reasons:
· Zoom doesn’t typically lag or delay.
· Zoom allows me to see my whole class using the gallery view.
· Zoom allows me to have Google docs open while I’m on Zoom.
· Zoom allows my teacher to mute everyone.
· Zoom allows us to visually raise our hands without the chaos of interrupting each other because we cannot communicate physically.
· Zoom allows the meeting to be password protected

I cannot say enough about how incredible the school response has been to moving classroom instruction to remote learning with little time to transition. As this becomes our new normal, I wonder if we’ll allow students to provide us with feedback on how best to connect with them and make adjustments to ensure that we are meeting their needs. 

Stay safe and sane everyone! 

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